A family with more than 80 years devoted to trademarks

Dubourg family begins working with brands in 1920 when Don Pedro Dubourg is associated to Zorrilla’s Law Firm. Don Pedro Dubourg travels abroad and repairs that in other countries many law firms offer trademarks and patents registration, so he offers started to work in partnership in intellectual property.

Don Pedro, who had also worked in Argentina in this area, makes significant contribution to the firm and his client base grows every day. A few years later, Zorrilla’s Law Firm closes its doors.

René Dubourg, Don Pedro’s brother, joins to brands business, independent from Zorrilla’s Firm. Shortly, René leave the company and Don Pedro is in charge. Clients begin to recognize him for his experience and knowledge, trusting on him.

On patent matters, Don Pedro, eternal lover of drawing and design, not only advised his clients, but also made himself the drawings that the law required.

The ascendant career of Don Pedro had no limits in Uruguay. He travels abroad make contact with colleagues and start receiving orders from other countries to manage brands and patents in his name. The firm is known.

So begins to develop another of his disturbing and clever ideas. Assemble a brand file system, in order to offer to the clients a background search to determine if the brand were viable or not. Creating a tracking system that until today is still required for its efficiency and speed of response.

At the dawn of the sixties, joins to the company Margarita Dubourg, Don Pedro’s youngest daughter. Together they develop a strategic plan, and they manage to position again in a place of privilege. Margarita brave and enterprising woman is able to follow the footsteps of his beloved father, who dies and leaves her in charge of the company, a challenge for a woman in that decade.

Today, another generation joins the brands market, Andrés Gallo Dubourg, Margarita’s son. He is the current director of the company, following his mother’s and grandfather’s teachings, they have raised him in the brands market, coming into their knowledge and honesty.

In this lasts years we decided to have the most modern and updated IP Law office in Uruguay. Now we combine our history with the new technologies to give more power and stronger position for new challenges.


Gateway to the world from Uruguay

We are a full International IP Office. From our point in Montevideo Uruguay, we are able to manage IP matters for all Latin American Countries. Every year, more and more customers and colleagues in the world entrust us with their portfolio of trademarks and patents for the region. Uruguay is a reliable and safe country and our company provides with the security to connect through us to all Latin America.